Naturalist’s Corner

Two dolphins jumping at sunset on September 1st 2022

Jellyfish captured from the REMUS Darter June 19th.

Bird believed to be a Wilson’s Storm-Petrel skimming the water June 18th.

Pod of ~50 dolphins spotted off the bow of the boat on June 21st.

Bird, believed to be a juvenile Northern Gannet, spotted June 18th.

A Royal Tern taking a ride on the boat June 21st.

Mola Mola (Sunfish) captured off REMUS video on June 20th.
A group of 5 Little Tunny Tuna spotted of the REMUS Edgar on June 26th.
Greater Shearwater flying over the boat.
Squid spotted off the boat on June 26th. The black arrow points to one, can you spot them all?
Another group of dolphins spotted of the boat on June 28th. You can also watch a video in the following link, Dolphin Video.

A pigeon joined the boat for a little.

Large groups of jelly fish spotted at night. You can watch a video in the following link, Jellyfish Video