The Intruders are back in town!

We are headed out again! This time we are traveling on the RV Endeavor to hopefully map another salinity intrusion. The sea surface temperature satellite map shows a warm core ring located just south of the shelf right where we hoped one would be. The first plan of attack will be to do a CTD transect across the shelf to find if this ring is generating a salinity intrusion. The sea surface temperature map bellow shows where we think the intrusion will be. Lets hope we are right!

A sea surface temperature image from August 27th. The X shows where we believe a salinity intrusion will be.

One Reply to “The Intruders are back in town!”

  1. Hello Hello Hello!

    Good Luck to the Intruders!!

    I am so happy to learn that you already found the Smax intrusion on the first day! (or evening)


    Avijit from the shores.

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