June 18, 2021 (First day of SIRATES at Sea)

After a year of delays the SIRATES finally set sail! We’re all excited and am looking forward to sharing our impressions from out of sea.

The trip started with with a three hour journey from Woods Hole to our first CTD station. A CTD is an oceanographic sensor system that measures the conductivity, temperature and depth throughout the water column.  This allows oceanographers to study the composition of the different interacting layers. The plan is to do nine profiles from  41°N, 71°W going southward.

But first, who are we on board? Here is a picture of us:

This is us — the SIRATES Science Party: (from left to right) Glen, Maaya, Noa, Adrienne, Lukas, Frank, Erica. Not in the picture: Amy and Avijit.

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